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I got my new laptop yesterday!  Receiving it wasn’t nearly as exciting as I had hoped, since I couldn’t open it immediately and start fiddling with setting it up just the way I like.  It sat in the box for a couple hours by my desk until I took some time before lunch to open it up and start charging it.  Setup was quick and soon I was configuring things to my liking.  I kind of imagined having the packaging and manuals laid out all around me as I sat with it in the middle of the living room (don’t know why).  Instead, it sat next to my work laptop and external monitor and made my desk look like some sort of computing hub.

When I was shopping for laptops, I had wanted one that wouldn’t get hot, but I should have looked for one that wouldn’t be noisy too.  I’m going to have to check with Sony whether this noise level is normal, since it is much louder than I expected a brand new laptop to be.  It certainly wasn’t like this at Best Buy.  It’s not even like I’m making it do all that much work yet either.  We’ll see what they say.

I do enjoy the keyboard more than I thought I would and the backlit feature is nice, though the light peeks through the cracks of the keys and I wish it didn’t do that.  Still, it feels cool that it glows when lighting is low.  The screen is also very nice and I’m glad I didn’t convince myself to get a smaller size.  I have a lot more room to play around with, allowing me to have multiple windows up and in view much easier.  After having an external monitor in addition to my computer monitor at work, I’ve been spoiled and started to get used to having a lot of space to throw up reports and webpages and the like.  This is almost a similar experience.

I had hoped to be a bit more enthusiastic about my new computer, but I’ve been holding myself back from setting everything up until Sony can transfer some of my files and programs.  Once that’s done, I can finally get on with having everything I want on this new device, ready to be tried out.  I can’t wait to take it to the store this weekend (maybe even tomorrow) so I can fully embrace everything it has to offer.  🙂

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