365great Day 108: noodle cables

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365great challenge day 108: noodle cablesI wrote about the noodle cable I got recently. I think it’s a better design than the standard circular cables that most charging cables come in. It’s less prone to wear that exposes the wiring inside, unlike the standard Apple cables I’ve gotten. It’s much more resistant to the bending pressures by the USB plug, which is where most of my cables start to fray. I’ve had to tape many of them, but the flat noodle cable design doesn’t have that problem! It rolls up nicely into a small disc shape yet smoothes out easily into a long cable. In addition, it is rather tangle-proof so it’s a lot easier to handle when I need to constantly take it in and out of bags. This sort of design is such an improvement I wonder why it isn’t adopted more widely. It works great!

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