365great Day 110: Inko’s tea

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365great challenge day 110: inko's teaThis is probably my favorite brand of bottled tea, ever. I love white tea and I love blueberries, so I try just about every white tea or blueberry tea that I can find. Many years ago, I saw Inko’s on the shelves at Whole Foods and I love how light yet flavorful it is. I started getting it as a treat every now and then. When I discovered the case discount offered at Whole Foods, of course I had to start buying this amazing drink by the case. After all, the sealed bottles can sit for a long time so why not buy in bulk and save? More recently, in the past year or so, I started trying their other flavors and fell in love with the white peach one as well. I’ve always been a sucker for white peaches and this is a great tea to have when I want something a little sweeter and stronger than the blueberry tea. Between these two flavors, I have no need for any other bottled tea. They’re both so great!

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