365great Day 137: dry shampoo

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365great challenge day 137: dry shampooIt was only last year that I learned of this thing called dry shampoo. I got an aerosol can of it in my Pamper Me Fabulous goodie bag and I was pretty intimidated, so I never tried it. Then I won this Klorane one that is non-aerosol and decided to give it a try. What a strange concept that puffing powder onto my hair and brushing it through would actually help clean it! I guess it helps absorb any greasiness that may have built up. However it works exactly, I am happy to report that it is quite effective and I love it. Such an easy way for me to touch up my hair when I don’t have time to shower before going out. I’m partial to this non-aerosol design, where you basically squeeze the bottle gently to puff out a cloud of powder. Look closely and you can see the puff in the picture. This design allows me to bring it anywhere with me and not worry about it exploding or getting confiscated. Absolutely great!

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