365great Day 138: cake pops

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365great challenge day 138: cake popsI’ve written about them before and they’re worth mentioning again as part of my 365great series – cake pops are an amazing little treat! For awhile I was super obsessed with them and bought them frequently. I’ve since calmed down but I still love them and much of the reason I haven’t had any lately is because I don’t know where they sell them out here! At some point I definitely want to try making my own since those little suckers are rather costly. I love how they don’t dry out the way cupcakes or cakes might and they include a nice chocolate layer instead of icing or frosting (which are a bit on the sweet side, don’t ya think?). They come in such lovely *almost* bite-size pieces yet are super filling so one or two is plenty to fill you up. A more convenient, easier-to-manage dessert item? That’s great!!

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