365great Day 147: Hukkster

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365great challenge day 147: hukksterHukkster takes the beauty of technology, where you can automate things, and empowers consumers to buy items at better prices. When you “hukk” something, Hukkster tracks it and you can set it to alert you when the price drops. Save time keeping track of when sales or discounts will bring down the price of those items you’ve been eyeing. For a long time, I had some American Eagle jeans hukked and I kind of forgot about them. Today I got an alert on a pair and it was down to $16!! Um, yes I’d LOVE jeans at that price, thank you. I went over the AE site and even though the site lists the jeans as going from $49.95 to $39.99 without mentioning the further discount to $16, once I added them to my cart I saw the appropriate price show up. I was so happy I actually found two other pairs on clearance and paid less than $45 for three pairs of pants (two jeans & one trouser). You could easily pay more for just one pair, so I’m pretty thrilled. This type of service is great!

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