365great Day 148: squirrels

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365great challenge day 148: squirrelsEver since attending UCLA, my view of squirrels has never been the same. The campus is overrun by them and they’re so used to people they’re practically the bosses now. It’s amazing how bold they can get, stealing your food or coming right up to you. They seem to love almost all human food: sweet, salty, but not sour. These critters are quite entertaining in their own right and I’ve fed plenty of them. Still, they are wild and you never know when you might get bitten like I did once. They’re all over the place and you never know when one might scurry across your path. I left food out on the porch once, thinking the birds would get it, but then this squirrel came along! I was so amused by how it dragged its body along the railing to eat the food without having to take a step forward. What a goof. A lot of people may not like these creatures, but I find them rather fascinating and usually very gentle. I once got a chance to feed one once and it was amazing. I loved it! Someday I might want to see if it’s possible to have a pet squirrel. Until then, I’ll just observe these fellows when they cross my path and marvel at how great it can be to interact with them.

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