365great Day 154: water boilers

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365great challenge day 154: water boilersI think just about every East Asian household has one of these. They’re as ubiquitous as rice cookers for those cultures. Growing up, I often had hot water to drink – yes, plain hot water. No honey, no sugar, no cocoa powder or even tea. It’s pretty normal for Chinese people to do that, but boy was it hard to get it out in restaurants! In recent years, it seems like American establishments are finally catching on and they no longer give me inquisitive looks if I request hot water. Even on a hot day, I’ll drink hot water since I’m very sensitive to cold things and cold water could make my stomach hurt. It’s always nice to have it easily accessible since I can power through half a dozen mugs of hot water in a few hours. Who wants to keep boiling a new pot each time? It’s so much more convenient to have many cups’ worth ready to go whenever I want it. For always giving me hot water when I want it, these are just great.

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