365great Day 157: cornbread

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365great challenge day 157: cornbreadOh how I love cornbread. One of my favorites can be found at Boston Market. It’s just the right combination of soft and sweet, yet crispy and crunchy. It’s very fragrant and always the perfect complement to the chicken pot pies that I get there. I love how it’s filling like bread but then sweet like a dessert. I feel like I’m getting more out my meal that way. I prefer moist ones to the crumbly type and I always enjoy having some corn pieces hidden inside. I just had some last night that was really delicious too – came served straight out of the skillet! I can eat them as breakfast, a snack throughout the day, or a side to my meal. I’m going to have to try making it sometime, just so I can have the experience of pulling it out from the oven piping hot. That would be so great.

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