365great Day 160: home

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365great challenge day 160: homeHome is what you make of it and to me the strongest association I’ve had for it as of late is my parents’ place in SoCal. This is the longest we’ve ever been in a single place, albeit on and off for many years. And now that I’m a new Virginian, I feel like LA is my old home – the one I can keep coming back to, where my family, friends, and alma mater are. Since the new place out east doesn’t quite feel like home yet, the best home in my mind is currently this house I’m back visiting for the week. Nearly all my stuff is here and much of my personal and social connections are too. It was nice to come home after a long day of traveling and hang out with my mom and cousin, be temporarily reunited with my cats (Missy shown here), and return to this house. When I see Missy sprawling like that I know I’m home, chillin’ and enjoying all that it has to offer. That’s a great feeling.

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