365great Day 165: rocking chairs

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365great challenge day 165: rocking chairsWhat a fun concept it is to sit and rock yourself back and forth. While I enjoy rocking chairs, it’s more about that soothing motion for me so I’m a big fan of gliding chairs and hanging chairs as well. Perhaps it’s comforting because it’s sort of like bobbing in the ripples of the ocean. The rhythmic motion sort of lulls you into a gentle trance, peacefully rocking away your stresses. Rocking chairs are a great place to sit and forget about your day. Somehow whenever I’m in one I appreciate the world around me a bit more and I get super into staring out into the distance or people-watching. It’s also a great time to curl up with a book or even take an afternoon nap. I always envision them sitting in a perfect patch of sunlight, the warmth of which is relaxing. I’m totally going to have a set on my porch someday because they’re so great for chilling out in!

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