365great Day 172: afternoon tea

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365great challenge day 172: afternoon teaThis is a British tradition that I wish I could partake in more often! I love drinking tea and eating small snacks. I’ve only had afternoon tea a few times and each has been wonderfully enjoyable. Part of it has to do with the fact that you’re taking a break in the afternoon; there’s something very serene about stopping to sip tea at that time. I think we often get carried away with the fast pace of life and taking time to slow down and savor the afternoon is a beautiful thing. Plus, I’m a big fan of snacking and the treats associated with tea time are all fabulous. Of course the best part is probably still the tea, all steaming and fragrant. I love a fresh brew of loose leaf tea. Nom! Tea time is great not only for the pick-me-up but getting us to take a moment to truly enjoy our day.

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