365great Day 174: malt balls

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365great challenge day 174: malt ballsOne of my favorite treats is malt balls. Their crispy, honeycomb-like texture is so much fun to chew on and the way they crumble and melt in your mouth is like none other. They generally come with a nice coat of chocolate that makes the deal even sweeter. The taste is sweet but not overwhelming and they make a great addition to ice cream! I was delighted to find this Maltesers slice offered at a bakery in Edinburgh, so of course that’s what I ordered. Combined with the white chocolate, it was fabulously chewy in both a soft and crispy way. I loved the contrast of the sweet chocolate with the more cracker-like quality of the malt balls and I’m pretty sure that bottom part of chocolate was fudge. What a fantastic little treat! It was very filling and I was able to split it into two snacks. Nom! I enjoy malt balls of all kinds and I’ve had at least three brands of them. All great!


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