365great Day 183: Teavana

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365great challenge day 183: teavanaTeavana offers a wide array of teas and accessories for all kinds of preferences. While they have some delicious teas, what I really enjoy are the products they sell that help me enjoy my tea that much more. My favorite these days is this PerfecTea brewer that makes just the right amount of tea with no mess and exactly the concentration I like. They have this available at the office and I’ve been making good use of it. You put in your tea leaves, pour in hot water, close the lid and let it brew… then when it reaches the right concentration for your taste, you simply place the PerfecTea over a cup or mug and the tea drains out the bottom but the leaves don’t. Then you have a nice steaming cup of tea that isn’t over-brewed and you don’t have tea dripping all over the place. It’s so great I’ve hogged this thing for days in a row.

Yay I’ve officially crossed the halfway point with this series! Stayed tuned for 182 more. 🙂

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