365great Day 188: Soma

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365great challenge day 188: somaI forgot how I came across Soma, but it was probably a Kickstarter email or a news article. I loved the concept of a water filter I’d be proud to keep out on the kitchen counter. Even better was that the filter would be fully compostable! When I discovered that, I knew that I wanted one of these. I absolutely hate throwing things out, so if I can recycle or compost (or just keep) something, I’m super happy. I feel better about how it will impact the environment and when I get a yard I’ll be interested in seeing how the filter composts. For now I’ll just trust them and put it in the compost pile. That’s a pretty rewarding feeling and I get to feel even better knowing they’ve partnered with charity:water to help make clean drinking water something everyone in the world can enjoy. It was a long wait, but my Soma filter and carafe finally arrived and I’m excited to have it as a staple in the new place, where it will fit right in on our beautiful kitchen counter tops with sunlight streaming in. It’ll be great!

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