365great Day 190: baths

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365great challenge day 190: bathsI don’t take baths very often because I feel bad using so much water, but with all the bath products I got in recent months, I’ve managed to take two. It’s been a nice way to really take time to care for my body. Whereas a shower tends to focus on washing things away, a bath is all about soaking things up. It’s a chance to condition your skin and soothe achy muscles. It’s a complete change of pace from the normal shower routine and I like how it sort of forces me to look at how I’m feeling. When you’re resting there with bath salts or a tea soak, there’s not too much else you can do simultaneously. I certainly don’t want to risk dropping a device in the water, so it’s not like I’m connected to my technology during that time. Tonight I took time for a bath and it has been very relaxing. Sometimes a bit of TLC is just what you need to feel great.

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