365great Day 192: dumplings

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365great challenge day 192: dumplingsOne of the few things I can cook are dumplings. It’s one of those things that I slowly learned as a child, helping my mom prepare various parts of it over the years. Sometimes it was as simple as getting water so she could easily pinch together the skin and have it stick. Other times it would be helping with the folding, where I almost always tried to overstuff each skin with filling. From the boiling of the water and pushing the dumplings around so to keep them from clumping to the mixing of the meat and veggies, I eventually got to try it all. So, when it came time to try to make food for myself, one dish I was always comfortable with was dumplings. Granted, my pinching skills are still not very good and my dumplings look nowhere near as pretty as these, but I get the job done. And then I love the eating part because each one is like a little treat, so it feels like eating a bunch of snacks rather than a full on meal. I’m also a sucker for dipping things in my own soy sauce, black vinegar, and sesame oil blend – which dumplings are amazing for. A dish that can be an appetizer or entree, and one that I can cook easily? That’s great.

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