365great Day 209: new

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365great day 209: newThat fresh out of the box look of any product is quite satisfying. We have an obsession with new in many cultures and I’m certainly not immune. Still, there’s something wonderful about opening a box and taking out new items for the first time, treating them so gently in those initial encounters. Tonight I spent most of my time setting up my new laptop to keep everything I still want about how I did things on my old laptop while discarding some things I had accumulated without intending to. New is the perfect opportunity to transition to another phase, carrying over what you want to preserve and letting go of what you don’t want anymore. It’s a fresh start and a way to alter your course. That’s why I liked moving a lot as a kid, because each time I got a chance to rework my room and find some things I’d been missing. New is also a chance to discover what you haven’t encountered yet for a great learning experience.

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