365great Day 213: bamboo

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365great day 213: bambooBamboo is such a cool plant. It grows like weeds, but it’s so much more useful. In fact, part of why it’s useful is because it grows like weeds. As a renewable resource that can replenish itself at a rate far more fitting for human consumption, it’s a fantastic alternative to a lot of the other materials we may be using. You can make everything from furniture to super soft cloths with it and – oh by the way – you can eat it too. Since it’s so fibrous, it holds together well in many forms. I’ve certainly written about it plenty of times over the years… like my amazing super-flex skateboard, my crazy soft wash cloth, the time I went floating on a raft in Thailand, the time I nearly got myself a bamboo laptop, my set of bamboo chopsticks from my To-Go Ware set of reusable utensils, and of course that visit to the zoo where I watched a panda chowing down on some stalks. Anything that versatile and easier on the planet is pretty great.

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