365great Day 216: aerial acrobatics

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365great day 216: aerial acrobaticsI took aerial acrobatics classes when I got a deal on them a few years ago. It was such a fun way to exercise, build strength, gain flexibility, work on endurance, and look really cool while you’re accomplishing all that. I worked on both the trapeze and the ribbons, where you had to make precise movements and hold certain poses. At times I felt like a monkey, and a very graceful one at that. I picked it up pretty quickly and surprised my instructor with my innate ability to do aerial work. When she asked me if I worked out and I told her I did yoga once or twice a week, she seemed shocked that I was so strong. I must say, it made me feel good about myself and the soreness afterwards was well worth the fun. When I get a chance and have the funds, I’m definitely going to pick this up again. Who doesn’t enjoy a workout that is like playing on a jungle gym? It works you out in so many ways and you don’t even feel like it’s work since you’re having such a blast. Now that’s great!

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