365great Day 225: collages

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365great challenge day 225: collagesPictures go a long way to convey things, but a single image sometimes isn’t enough to showcase stuff across locations, time, or other factors. That’s why I love to put together collages – it’s an easy way to visually get relevant images grouped together so you don’t need to flip through a dozen different pictures. A more consolidated view like that can help bring out a theme and if offers more versatility than trying to get everything into one picture frame in the first place. In the case of this collage I put together for the Carrabbas First Tastes event, I couldn’t have had all the items laid out on the table at once since the courses came one at a time. Even if they all came out at once, a giant picture of all the dishes could have shadows in the wrong places, dishes blocking each other, and other challenges. That’s why collages are great, since you can work around those issues!

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