365great Day 227: Venus flytraps

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365great challenge day 227: venus flytrapsAren’t these just the coolest plants? I think it’s amazing that they managed to grow into a claw shape and developed a mechanism to basically become carnivorous. Out of all the insect-eating plants out there, my favorite is the Venus flytrap because it really looks the role. As a kid I really wanted one of these plants and I asked my mom for ages before she finally decided she’d let me. I was crushed when I wasn’t able to find them for sale at the grocery store after that! I looked for years with no luck and while I’m sure I could get some these days, I have yet to actually ever get any. Perhaps with the move to the new condo, I can add that to my list of things to get, but I’ve heard they’re hard to care for so I might just keep postponing it. Whatever the case, I always love it when I come across these awesome plants. The way they’ve adapted creatively is pretty great.

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