365great Day 233: Ethiopian

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365great challenge day 233: ethiopianI looove Ethiopian food. From the slightly sour injera to the amazing selection of meats and veggies, I just can’t get enough. I’m a huge fan of the way they cook their veggies with so much flavor and I enjoy the beef tibs mixed with onion, tomato, and other tastes. It’s also a ton of fun to grab at your food with your hands and the whole family style serving makes it a fantastic way to bond with friends. I’ve introduced many a friend to Ethiopian and they all loved it. So far, Panda’s the only one I’ve come across who didn’t enjoy it. I still need to take him to my favorite place though and I might still convert him yet. Luckily, everyone else I know enjoys eating Ethiopian, so I can definitely find company when I get a craving. It’s such a great meal to have and share!

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