365great Day 234: brunch

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365great challenge day 234: brunchI’ve always enjoyed brunch meals, both American and Chinese. I’m a huge fan of breakfast for lunch, small portions (a la dim sum), and sleeping in, so I guess it makes sense. I also really enjoy having a mix of flavors, so it makes me happy when I can get an omelet and waffles in one sitting. My associations with brunch have always been positive, since it generally means I got to sleep in and enjoy a lovely afternoon. I’ve spent many with good friends and few things are more enjoyable than good company coupled with good food! Similarly, for dim sum I remember wonderful gatherings of family or friends and a community approach to eating. We could mix and match all types of dishes ranging from pork chops to egg tarts as we collectively decided what to add to the table. The atmosphere is great around brunch time and so is the food.

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