365great Day 237: change

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365great challenge day 237: changeI’m a big fan of change. It probably stems from moving frequently as a child and getting used to constantly adjusting. Things that are new and fresh are always fun, even as I miss the nostalgic stuff. I’ve never lived anywhere for more than 4 years consecutively and that’s the way I like it – as the years draw on, the itch for someplace difference gets stronger until I have the chance to relocate. I like to replace my laptop every 3 years or so and I upgrade my phone every 2 years as my contract allows. I love meeting new people, exploring new activities, and expanding my horizons. I try not to get stuck in the same habits too, whether it’s sleeping on the same side of the bed or arranging my furniture in a set way. I don’t like eating at the same place all the time (though I generally tend to order the same thing… can’t always have change I guess!) and like to try different ways of doing things to keep myself on my toes. It’s pretty easy for me to get bored, which is probably why I keep things fresh by maintaining a certain level of changing in my life. Just look at the beauty that can come of change in this picture – you can already see the butterflies that will be emerging from the cocoons in all their glory. Make room for change (embrace it, even) and you open yourself up to endless worlds of wonder. What great transformations you get to experience!

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