365great Day 238: dragonflies

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365great challenge day 238: dragonfliesDragonflies are my favorite insect. I’m not sure why exactly, but I love to see one flitting about. One of the things I like about them is the variety of colors and sizes they come in, with everything from tiny blue ones to massive(ish) green ones. I used to try to catch them as a kid when I spent my summers in China; there was a type we called “big green bean” in Chinese that was very common across the area I was in. I’ve always admired their agility and grace… they can glide around rather effortlessly through the air. So much better than bugs that don’t fly or make it look like it’s a lot of effort. They’re kind of like the cool kid on the block and I think they’re awesome all around! If I was an insect I’d have fun as a dragonfly. A cute little blue one. 😛 It’d be great!

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