365great Day 240: deviled eggs

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365great challenge day 240: deviled eggsOh nom! Ever since first finding out about deviled eggs in middle school, they’ve been something I look out for everywhere I go. There was a deli across the street from the school, which my friends and I would sometimes frequent for lunch. It was there that one day I noticed the deviled eggs in the counter. I’m a big fan of eggs, so I decided to try it. I absolutely loved it! It’s funny since I’m not usually into egg yolks, but in this instance, there’s something I can’t resist. I guess once you mash it up with other ingredients, you start getting some fun new concoction. I’ve always meant to play around with that myself but so far none of my tries have tasted quite the way I hoped. All I wanted was an egg that tastes just like the one from that deli. Over the years I unsuccessfully tried all sorts of other places but when I got to have that deli again, I learned that there’s just something different about theirs that I enjoy. If I could just figure out how to replicate it, that’d be great!

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