365great Day 253: jumping

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365great challenge day 253: jumpingJumping is generally a lot of fun, especially if you capture that mid-air moment. Sometimes it’s just hopping and skipping along the sidewalk and sometimes it’s as crazy as jumping from a cliff into water below. I love getting a picture right when you’re floating in the air, pure joy on your face, hair flying wild, and limbs all over the place. It’s so fun and carefree! And when you’re jumping around, you can’t help but feel energized. It gets your blood going and puts a pep in your step. I grin every time! I’ve gotten shots on the pier, off a boat, on the beach (spelling out letters), on stairs, on a diving board (not diving in the pool though), and so much more. They’re some of the happiest-looking pictures you’ll find in most people’s albums. There’s just something about jumping that brings out the joy in us and that’s absolutely great!

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