365great Day 263: sunsets

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365great challenge day 263: sunsetsIt’s amazing how every day the sun rises, crosses the sky, and sets yet it still is fantastic each time. I mean, you’d think we’d get bored but I often catch myself staring at a gorgeous sunset in admiration. It may not be every single day, but at least once a week I stare off into the horizon and enjoy the colors and brilliance of the sunset. Sunrises are pretty cool too, but I’m usually not awake to witness them, so I can’t gush about them quite the way that I can about sunsets. Between glorious ones where the sun dips beneath the ocean, behind trees, or light up the clouds on a rainbow of colors, I could be entertained for ages just standing in awe. I got to witness a dreamy one tonight, as the sun set over the Pacific Ocean and played at the beach in Malibu. Could life be more perfect in that moment? Next time it’s getting dark, take a moment to enjoy the sunset. I bet it’ll be pretty great.

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