365great Day 295: skinny jeans

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365great challenge day 295: skinny jeansFor the longest time, I didn’t get into skinny jeans. Then I got my token pair two or three years ago, which I didn’t wear all that often. Somehow I got to the point where I decided to get a bunch more in the past few months and now I’m almost always reaching for a pair. I had always thought that my calves were too thick for this style of jeans, so I generally got ones with flares. No need to worry about whether my legs would be too large for those! After many years, I tried one pair and found that either my calves had shrunk or they weren’t quite as big as I thought. Since then I think my legs have gotten more trim so I can actually pull off skinny jeans now. I really like them because I don’t have pant legs dragging on the ground (though they tend to leave my ankles more exposed and cold) and they fit easily into boots, which I need to wear a lot more of now that I’m in winter weather. It also helps that they make me feel great about my legs again, large as they may be.

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