365great Day 300: kimchi fried rice

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365great challenge day 300: kimchi fried riceI’m a huge fan of kimchi fried rice! I love both the kind that I can get a Gushi in Westwood and the kind I used to make (before I could no longer find spicy kimchi). There’s something about the spicy, sour, crispy, juicy combination mixed with soft grains of rice and some eggs. It’s a bit of an addiction and it’s so easy to cook. I don’t even have to add seasoning since the kimchi flavor is more than enough for the whole dish. Of course, that’s assuming you use the kind of kimchi I like, which is tart and hot. The brand that I used to get changed their recipe on me one day and ever since then I haven’t found kimchi brand that quite cuts it. I’m going to have to go on the hunt again though, now that I’ve had some more again and the craving is back. Nom nom nom… I can’t wait to cook it again; it’s going to be sooo great.

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