365great Day 301: thermals

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365great challenge day 301: thermalsI don’t think I could have survived the winter thus far without my thermals. They’ve been lifesavers in the bitter cold of the polar vortex and even in the office, when it was rather chilly in the fall. I usually forget I’m wearing them, so they’re totally comfortable to me and I even put them under my leggings when I do yoga just to stay extra toasty. I only bought my first pair a few months ago and now I have two that I switch off with. For someone who gets cold super easily, this is one of the best cold weather solutions. They’re quite cheap too! I haven’t yet found I need thermal shirts, but I do bundle up in about 4 layers and a scarf so I think I’ve got the top half covered. I think it’d be hilarious to get one of those full body thermal outfits. I hope they make ones that cover your feet too… I’d so want one of those. No matter what type you use, thermals are so great for keeping in body heat.

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