365great Day 304: sprays

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365great challenge day 304: spraysWhoever invented spray tops is pretty genius. Perhaps it was inspired by our sneezes, which often produce a fine mist of sorts and more evenly distributes particles across an area. Splashing liquid on yourself versus misting it over yourself is such a different experience. Sprays just feel better and help cover more area with less stuff. They’re so refreshing and fun to use with just about any sort of light liquid. For the most part, I use it for beauty and skincare purposes, but it can be useful in the kitchen too. I’d love to try those new spray-on lotions someday to see if they are more effective than globbing on lotion the way we do now. Even with the cleaning fluid with our windshield wipers, you’ll find sprays are the perfect way to cover a larger area more finely. In general, they’re a great way to get more bang for your buck!

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