365great Day 305: shrimp & grits

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365great challenge day 305: shrimp and gritsO.m.g. My friends who recommended I try shrimp and grits when I went down to Myrtle Beach were sooo right. It’s such a rich, wonderful dish! I absolutely loved it and I’m definitely going to have to have some any time I’m in the south. I love shrimp, I love grits (and corn in almost any form), and I loved the little fresh tomato bits that this particular restaurant served on top! Maybe I should have been a Southern girl because I love cajun food and much of what you find in the southern states. Perhaps it’s because they use amazing spices to create such fragrant blends of tasty goodness. I might just have to move to the south at some point so I can eat that food all the time! Dang, that was some good shrimp. And grits. Whoever came up with that dish… kudos! It’s great.

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