365great Day 307: mountains

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365great challenge day 307: mountainsOne of my favorite sights is a mountain range in the distance or the craggly peak of a single mountain breaking the skyline. They come in such beautiful shapes, sizes, and colors. It’s so cool how there are rocky ones, lush green ones, snow-capped ones, and various combinations of other looks. You might find a forest covering them or boulders lining their sides. Some could sustain you for a lifetime while others are the harshest of environments. The diversity is fascinating. And no matter what, if you find yourself atop one and peer out… you’ll find a breathtaking view. Sometimes it might be a valley or a lake, or other mountains. Being up that high shows you how small everything else can become. Getting away from your normal life and surroundings can be empowering. Climbing mountains is quite rewarding! What a great way to connect with nature.

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