365great Day 309: Wurstküche

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365great day 309: wurstkücheIt’s good to have foodie friends. One of them introduced me to Wurstküche and I seriously got addicted for awhile. They make a mean sausage, no matter which way you go. There’s the standard bratwurst and then there’s wacky ones made with ingredients like alligator. Their selection offers something for everyone, whether you want vegetarian, meat-lovers, or something in between. My personal favorite is the Filipino, which is a little bit sweet and a nice contrast to a plain salty one. Load it up with sauerkraut like nobody’s business and I’m in my own personal taste bud heaven. It’s awesome. The restaurants themselves are also a fun place to go, with an industrial look and giant picnic benches so you might end up making some friends. It’s a casual cafeteria vibe that is oh so hipster and at certain times you’ll find a DJ playing music via a Mac. But really I just go for the food, because it tastes so great.

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