365great Day 316: Dropbox

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365great day 316: dropboxCloud storage has become such a useful tool that seamlessly links files across my devices. When I take a picture on my phone, I can easily have it all uploaded and stored automatically in Dropbox so I never have to worry about manually doing it. All of that is automatically synced with my laptop so I can start accessing those files quickly and easily. With all the free storage I’ve earned, I have well over 20 GB of storage that is perfect for my needs. Dropbox was the first cloud storage solution I ever used and it still remains my favorite, though I had to find others for the times when I wanted to download a video onto my phone from the app (it doesn’t allow me to do that as of yet). In all other aspects, I find it to be the best option for my needs. They offer a great service!

Sign up with my referral link and get an extra 500 MB of free space in your account (I get extra space too!): https://db.tt/UxCtxNI.

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