365great Day 322: sushi

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365great day 322: sushiSushi comes in so many cool shapes, colors, and combinations of flavors. I used to always get a classic California roll, which is tame enough for anyone. Lately I’ve started to explore more and had my first ones with raw fish (usually salmon). I still prefer pieces with cooked seafood like tempura shrimp or crab meat, but I’m willing to try a bit of raw meat too. I’m particularly fond of the softness of the rice contrasted against the chewiness of the seaweed with the added crunch of cucumber. Avocado adds delicious flavor and the meat offers a bit more heftiness to the meal. The bite-size pieces are perfect for chowing down and the visual presentation is always something to appreciate. Not only does sushi taste good, it looks good too! They have some really cool designs out there that make eating this dish entertaining. It’s great when your food offers more than just something to fill your belly.

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