365great Day 324: massages

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365great day 324: massagesI’ve all but forgotten the days when I used to be so ticklish that I couldn’t get a massage without stifling laughter the entire time. Thankfully, I got past that phase and am no longer so sensitive to touch. These days I enjoy massages so much I’d get one every day if I could. I especially want some extra ones now since my muscles are sore from doing power yoga earlier in the week. Nothing feels better than getting some tightness kneaded out of my body. I love relaxing to a massage and I always fall asleep during them, so I end up getting a nice nap out of it too. After this long night of trying to order blinds, I sure need another massage even though I just got one last night. It’d be great if I could get my next one this week! I need it.

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