365great Day 325: 0% financing

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365great day 325: 0% financingI’m a fan of getting financing if there’s no interest. Lately I’ve been taking advantage of these sorts of deals a lot, from my laptop to our blinds to the washer dryer set. For anyone who can manage their money well, why not? It frees up my money to do other things in the mean time and I can feel more secure in case some emergency comes up. In fact, the only time I’d be willing to pay interest is on a home mortgage; every other financing option I’ve taken advantage of is only worth it if they’re promoting a period of no interest. When I was getting my car, that was my one non-negotiable when it came time to hash out the details. It’s insane to me some of the interest rates out there – you often end up paying off more in interest than the item itself ever cost! Why in the world pay double or more for something? It’s almost never worth it, so I stick to paying in full if there’s no 0% interest option. Financing is only great if it doesn’t cost me more! 😛

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