365great Day 337: Sleep Cycle

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365great day 337: sleep cycleI came across this app years ago and used it to wake up easier. Then it fell to the wayside and I forgot about it. More recently, I found myself struggling to wake up refreshed, so I decided to give it a try again. I find it to be quite effective! You basically leave it on your bed so it can use your phone’s gyroscope to determine how much you’re moving around. That’s a general indicator of the type of sleep you’re getting (the deeper the sleep, the less you move). Come morning, you give it a time frame that you want to wake up in, usually a 20-minute period. Within that time, it will start the alarm at a time when you’re most receptive to waking up, which is when you’re coming out of deep sleep and in lighter sleep. Since I started using it again a few weeks ago, I’ve actually begun to wake up before the alarm and I don’t have such a miserable time dragging myself out of bed. What a useful app this is! And it’s super interesting to see my sleep pattern over time. Best of all, waking up refreshed? That’s great.

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