365great Day 338: Coldstone Creamery

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365great day 338: coldstone creameryFor Valentine’s Day yesterday, Panda and I stopped by Coldstone to get a half dozen ice cream cupcakes. We recently saw an ad they had for their fudge and red velvet ones, which looked fabulous and perfect for the holiday. I’ve often enjoyed ice cream from them, but I’d never tried an ice cream cake or cupcake from them before and I was so excited! I’m thrilled to report that these ice cream cupcakes are amazing and a wonderful way to spice up the way you consume ice cream. The chocolate crust perfectly houses the ice cream and cake pieces. You get a bit of crunchiness, a bit of softness, and a whole lot of sweetness. Ice cream is already a great dessert, but this cupcake form… oh my. Yum!

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