365great Day 339: smoked salmon

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365great day 339: smoked salmonI had a craving for smoked salmon again, after eating a delicious sushi roll with some of that recently. For the longest time, I wouldn’t eat it because I shied away from what I thought was raw meat. I’m still confused as to whether smoked salmon is considered truly raw since it’s been treated, but I like it enough to not really care. I love the cool, moist texture of it and the salty but not overwhelming taste. Last time I craved it, I ate a ton as part of salads. This time, I opted to pair it with cucumber on bread. Since I didn’t want a creamy sauce, I just added lime juice, salt, and pepper on top for extra flavor. Then today I saw this offered at Ikea and I couldn’t resist. Yum! It’s a great little snack to enjoy.

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