365great Day 344: tree climbing

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365great day 344: tree climbingI’m very much in touch with the monkey in me. I love climbing trees, swinging around, and even hanging upside down. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed trying to get up in trees. Nothing too crazy, but if it had a branch that wasn’t more than a foot or two above my arms’ reach, I could at least hang off it. But of course the best thing is when you can get up there and sit around for a bit. There was a tree in my front yard in St. Louis that was just big enough to hold me and I loved to arrange myself on its branches with my books on a beautiful afternoon. When I couldn’t make it into a tree, sitting on monkey bars was a decent alternative. When I found this tree in Anaheim, I absolutely had to play around on it. A good tree is so sturdy, so supportive, and offers a fabulous view. What a great way to enjoy nature.

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