365great Day 345: green tea ice cream

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365great day 345: green tea ice creamIt probably was in college that I first tried green tea ice cream. I grew up used to flavors like chocolate chip, rocky road, and strawberry, so this was completely different for me. The most unique flavor I had before that was black sesame, which is pretty popular in China. You’d think green tea would be common in China too, but I guess because it is made from matcha tea (which is more of a Japanese style tea), it wasn’t really offered. It’s strange thinking of tea mixing with a dessert, but since matcha already has a sort of creamy taste to it, it actually works quite well. I enjoy the taste a lot when I’m looking for an ice cream flavor that isn’t overloaded in sweetness. I like eating the ice cream straight or having ice cream mochi. Both ways make for a great eating experience!

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