365great Day 347: perfect fit

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365great day 347: perfect fitWhen things are just right, doesn’t it make you feel happy? I love when things fit perfectly, whether it’s the right size, personalities, colors, or otherwise. Take this bowl, which we have deemed the “pho” bowl at home. It is exactly what I need whenever I bring home pho to eat. It’s large enough to hold all the broth, noodles, and veggies that I want and I never have to worry about anything spilling out! Similarly, I feel that same satisfaction when I find clothes that fit just right or a blanket that is just the right softness and warmth. I found it with my cat Missy, who is exactly the right kind of cat for me. We’re truly two peas in a pod. You know all those phrases – made for each other, yin and yang, complements, soul mates… the perfect fit. I have that with Panda too – I really can’t think of anyone who as a whole could be more perfect for me. Sure there are clashes and incompatibilities, but I am constantly amazed at how right we are for each other. It’s a beautiful thing and such a great feeling when you find that fit, whatever scenario it may be.

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