365great Day 357: jackets

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365great day 357: jacketsOne of the most useful items of clothing I own are jackets. I have light ones, heavy ones, thin ones, thick ones, loose ones, tight ones, cotton ones, faux leather ones, long ones, short ones, and just about everything in between. I find they are immensely useful for layering so I’m never too cold (and I get cold easily). Depending on the style, I can go super casual or dressy with them, for any situation and occasion. In the winter, I always wear at least two of them so I can bundle up against the cold as needed. In China, I’ve noticed a much more uniform look in terms of outerwear, which might be because they actually have to spend time walking in the cold. In the US you can get away with a lot more variety since you generally just need to get from your car into a building and vice versa. Or maybe there are just fewer styles available in China. I like to wear a nice pea coat on the outside, which looks professional, is long enough to keep my backside warm without riding up, and offers flexibility in how fitting or loose I want it. They’re great for warding off the cold!

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