365great Day 364: containers

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I’m the type of person who needs help with organization. Usually my work and personal spaces accumulates stuff until I can barely put anything down. The clutter builds until I either do a massive overhaul or find myself surrounded by mountains of things balancing precariously on top of each other. I guess it doesn’t help that I’m a packrat, so rarely do things get thrown away…

365great day 364: containersWell, lately I’ve really been getting into cute little containers to help with the issue! It started back during the holiday season, when I saw a set of fun little tray-like paper baskets at the dollar store. My nightstand was brimming with personal care items like lotions, lip balms, hair clips & brushes, and a bunch of snacks. The drawers beneath were pretty full themselves, and I liked to have these common items readily available so there they were, all squashed onto the little surface area I had by the bed. Once I got the baskets, I was able to save on so much surface area! It was pretty amazing, so I then opted for some larger ones to use on my “desk” (the ironing board) and things have been fabulous ever since. I’m still a packrat with way too much stuff there, but at least all that stuff is more condensed and only taking up about half as much space as before. This easy way to de-clutter and organize is what makes baskets great!

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