365great Day 61: Loaded Boards

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365great challenge day 61: loaded boardsSometime in high school, I decided I wanted to learn how to skateboard. One of my friends promised to teach me, but then time went on and it kind of never happened. I graduated high school and moved on to college. Then, my senior year of college, I happened to hang out with some friends who skated and often had their boards around. I started by standing on them while leaning on a picnic bench. From there, I practiced standing without holding onto something. Before I knew it, my balance and control were improving and I could even manage some push-offs without hurting someone. After a tough Valentine’s Day with three brutal midterms, I decided to pull the trigger and treat myself to a board. The one I had in mind was a Loaded Board, which one of the guys had. It’s made from bamboo and is super flexible. I absolutely loved it and chose the Vanguard design. Soon enough, I was cruising around campus on my board, rushing off to classes and meetings and whatnot. It was so fun! I even got a chance to go cruising from Malibu to Venice Beach one weekend and had a total blast. I’ve had my share of scrapes and bruises, but that hasn’t stopped me. I do keep it pretty conservative though – no carving down major hills or trying any stunts. Nonetheless, learning how to skate and getting my beloved Loaded Board was one of the best decisions I made! It has been undeniably great.

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