Anniversary time

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This year our anniversary coincides with Google’s, as I learned today. I’ve mentioned before that our anniversary is always the Friday of Zero Week at UCLA and going forth we have a new anniversary to celebrate: the engagement one! So now in June and September, we get to eat dinner together and enjoy each others’ company. I like having our anniversary on a Friday, so we can really spend the entire weekend together.

egg cooking in chicken shape at teppanyaki grill dinnerTonight we went to Benihana’s after work and tomorrow we’ll be stopping by Barktoberfest so I can play with some cats and check out the shelter that puts on the event. I’m planning on volunteering with cats and I’m looking at the shelter hosting the event and a local county shelter. I might end up going for both, but I want to get a feel for their vibes and see their facilities first. On Sunday, we’ll do some grocery shopping and then Panda will spend the afternoon volunteering with the Smithsonian. We both have our differing passions! It should be a nice quiet weekend and hopefully I can get some blog drafts ready for the week. It’s tiring trying to write them after work every night! All too soon it’ll be another week – my 4th week on the job, eeks! I can’t believe I’m already approaching one month. It’s gone by so fast…

What are your plans for the weekend? This Don Jon movie I keep hearing about?

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